A Baffling Challenge Trade, and Andruw Sits

The AJC reports that the Braves have traded Macay McBride to the Tigers for fellow left-handed relief pitcher Wil Ledezma. Ledezma is 26, and thus far has shown slightly better control on the major league level, along with a greater propensity for serving up gopher balls. Their minor league numbers are essentially interchangeable — so much so that you wonder why we bothered, although maybe we’ve become a little too familiar with McBride’s act.

The clarion call for benching ‘Druw has been heard — Fast Willie is manning CF tonight.



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3 responses to “A Baffling Challenge Trade, and Andruw Sits

  1. abrett

    Andruw should know better than to draw the ire of the ‘Matic. The blog is mightier than the prentending-to-work-on-your-batting-at-home excuse. Good on Bobby for making that tough decision.

    Now I’ve got to look at that trade to decide if it means anything.

  2. er

    I have posted my take on the trade based off of the little info I have available right now.

    As for the benching, ’bout time to put ‘druw on the pine.

    Oh yeah, nice blog!
    Go Braves

  3. er

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I linked to your site under my Braves sites slot.

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